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Jun 12, 2009 at 08:34 AM

Relation Between Service Entry Item with G/L Account


Hi Abapers,

I have problem to find out relation between this two tables which store that 2 fields.

I have found that Service Entry Item stored on table ESLL, and G/L Account stored in ESKN. I can see that both table joined by PACKNO.

This how I try to find the relation.

First I open ML81N, I can find Service Entry and Service Entry Item, then I look for them in table ESLL, I found it. Now I need to go to ESKN to find G/L Account. I input packno from ESLL to ESKN. No result found. But in ML81N there is G/L Account for each Service Entry Item

So how the relation between this two table?

Please kindly help share if you have any idea.

Thank you