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Jun 12, 2009 at 08:03 AM

Validating SAP Data post migration


Need your suggestions, ideas.


We are doing the testing for SAP BP.

There is a legacy system which stores the customer information (CIS).

All of the Data from CIS have to be move to SAP BP after migration.

Lets Say that after the migration is complete then

100% record in CIS (legacy) should be equal to 100% record in SAP BP (new system).

But then we found that only the 90% of data is moved to SAP BP and 10% went missing,

Now we have this SAP BP database with 90% accurate data and lets name it Database 1.

Again the migration is done (which should be 100% of CIS record = 100% of BP records)

Lets say this as Database 2.

Now i want to compare the data between database 1 and database 2 just to validate if the 10% data

which went missing in Database 1 is present in database 2.

What are the ways i can do it.

Is there a utility which we can use to do this.

@@@ How is this usually done in other SAP (or other) projects @@@@

Please suggest.

  • There might be a chance that the 10% data would have migrated correctly to database 2 but some othe recors which were earlier migrated correctly may have been wrong this time.***

How do i do this.

Let me know if you need more explaintation.