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Former Member
Jun 12, 2009 at 07:37 AM

Aborted al_engine error while creating BODI Job Server in Linux



I have installed BODI in linux (in the directory /opt/app/DataIntegrator).

While configuring job server I got the following error.

Updating the repository <bodi@tdw__Oracle>. Please wait...

sh: line 1: 15850 Aborted al_engine -Ubodi -Pbodi -Stdw -NORACLE

-ZMACHINEINFOI/opt/app/DataIntegrator/bin/machine.sql 2>/tmp/al_machine.out.156


UNABLE to Update the repository <bodi@tdw__Oracle>. Please check the /tmp/al_mac

hine.out.15678 for more details!

SNMP is disabled.

The log file tmp/al_machine.out.15678 is of OKB and no info inside it.

I could able to solve this issue by giving chmod 777 -Rf /opt permissions. Is BODI needs 777 permissions for Job server to be created?

Oracle is installed in /opt/app/oracle.

Can you help on this issue?

Thanks & Regards

Maran MK