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Former Member
Jun 12, 2009 at 06:25 AM

Error in Workflow for Parked Document (FV60)


Hi Workflow Experts,

I have a FI document parking Workflow scenario which is 3 level release that is if the amount is upto 10000 first person will release if it's more than that upto 20000 then second user has to release ,if more than that then third user will post.

For this i have activated the main workflow WS10000051 and for two level release i have activated the sub workflows WS10000052 for first level release and WS10000053 for secondlevel release and WS10000054 for thirdlevel release.

I have also done the Release strategy configuration in SPRO such as

in the following SPRO steps

1) Create Workflow Variant for Parking Document

2) Define Entry Screens for Parking Document

3) Assign Compaany Code to a Workflow variant for Parking Documents

4) Define Release Approval Groups for Parking Documents

5) Define Release Approval Path for Parking Doc

6) Assign Release Approval Path for Parking Documents

7) Assign Release Approval Procedure for Parking Doc

8) Define Users with Release Authorization for Parking Document. ( I have assigned the Position of CEO created in HR to this)

Now when the document is parked it throws the error

Error in workflow Customizing for document parking (tranasction OBWE) and it stops in the step Determining Sub Workflow.

Has anyone come across this issue.Please guide me in resolving in this issue, i am not able to identify whether this error is happening in workflow or due to some missed entries in SPRO settings of FI.

So please provide me how to do settings in SPRO For Parking, mainly in Tcode OBWE.