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Jun 12, 2009 at 06:18 AM

Using KM page for Help page within iView "URL to Help Topic"?


Hi All,

I'm on 7.01 SPS4 and I'm trying to use KM content for delivering help for iViews. The way I do this is to display the help option within the iView properties, and entering the KM URL within the "URL to Help Topic".

This works fine, however I cannot seem to get this working without using a fully specified URL which means I need to manually change the server name within each tier (Dev, QA, Production).

Does anyone know how to make this URL so that I don't need to specify the server name, or alternatively, is there a way to specific the current server in a parameter way so that it gets substituted with the server name at runtime?

i.e. The URL that works looks like this:

But if I could make it either:




That would be great and wouldn't require changes in each tier.

Thanks for your help,