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Jun 12, 2009 at 05:55 AM

How to Reverse the Part1 entries



We have received the Some goods, at the time of GR we choosed the option "Only Part1 entry"

So in this case J_1IPART1 table updates the qty field and system will not generate any Doc NO(Internal Number) here.

So we donot want to take the MODAVT for this material(bcz this is Diffence material). We want to cancell only PART1 entries from table .Bcz we were unable to reverse the goods( qty was already consumed).

How to cancell the part1 entries, in these table there was no Internal number

Note: If material doc was not updated J_1IPART1 table, then we updated from J1I5 t.code, is there any option is there to reverse only Part1 entries.


Mahesh Naik