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Jun 12, 2009 at 05:40 AM

Accessing help files


My client is having problems accessing help files properly. All users are logging onto a terminal server with Windows 2007 Server. SAP version 2007A PL45. I have seen a few threads on this issue, but none of the fixes work. Below is what is what we currently experience.

With the Help settings at Local, when we click the Help icon we get a the Help window "SAP Library". On the left side is the help directory files and we can access them by navigating thru the expansion buttons to get to a topic of choice. However, on the right side of the Help window it says "This address is not valid".

If I change the Help Settings to Shared Folder we get the same window, but the message on the right says "Navigation to this webpage was canceled".

I expect that when I click the Help icon the help window will automatically open up the Help topic related to the window I currenlty have active in SAP. This does not happen.

First, should the setting be "Local Installation" or "Shared folder". I have tried both and neither make a difference except in the error msg described above.

Secondly, the pathing under the Shared Folder option does not match the true location of the help files. Shared Folder path =
server name\B1_SHR\Help

True network location =
server name\B1_SHR\Help\EN

Third, when trying to access the Easy Start guide from the Welcome window we get another error. "Cannot find 'file://usa-std/b1_shr/Help/XX/Documentation/EasyStart.pdf'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct." I don't understand why the pathing is in an web format with forward slashes. Even if I check for that network location there is no such folder "XX" in the Help directory.