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Jun 12, 2009 at 03:43 AM

Calling a transaction and skipping the first screen


Dear forumers,

In my report program, I will need to call a custom transaction with skipping the first screen.

And, this custom transaction is created from a query.

Currently, the codes look like below:-

        SET PARAMETER ID: 'BUK' FIELD w_output-bukrs,
                          'AN1' FIELD w_output-anln1.

Everything works perfectly alright except for one thing: The first screen is not skipped. When the custom transaction is called, the first screen is still displayed to the user.

Additionally, I also found out that the "SKIP FIRST SCREEN" does not work because the screen's next screen number is the same. This means the screen 1000's next screen is 1000 as well.

(See notes in italics below)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? Please help.

This addition suppresses the display of a screen of the initial dynpro of a called dialog transaction. The addition AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN suppresses the first screen under these prerequisites:

For the initial dynpro, in the Screen Painter the own dynpro number must not be specified as the next screen number.

All mandatory input fields of the initial dynpro must be filled completely and with the correct values by the SPA/GPA parameters

If these prerequisites are met, that screen of the dynpro is displayed that is specified in the Screen Painter as the next dynpro of the initial dynpro.