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Jun 11, 2009 at 07:12 PM

SAPSCRIPT - amount in million then amount in words get truncated on check


Hi Eevryone,

I am having a problem in my check printing form. When the length of the amount in words exceeded it gets truncated. Parameters set for Page Windows are as follows:

Window Meaning Left Upper Width Hght

CHECK amount in words 1,00 CM 22,45 CM 65,00 CH 1,00 LN

Parameters set for Main in Page Windows are as follows:

MAIN 00 Main window 0,00 CM 1,00 CM 20,00 CM 16,60 CM

When the amount is in million then the text gets truncated.

we are printing two variables on same line


SPELL-WORD variable has word for dollar amount and then the cent part is printed through SPELL-DECIMAL(2).

So can somebody help me setting up the condition where I can check the string length in SPELL-WORD in SAP script so that I can place conditions and split the line if greater then 60 characters in 2 lines.

Also if the SPELL-WORD in itself is greater then 65 characters, can we wirte like first sixty or 65 characters in first line and rest of the charaters in next line.

Thanks in advance



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