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Jun 11, 2009 at 11:07 AM

Geting error message for optional field.


Hi All,

i have a issue as below.

1) i have created a context node BUILIDNUMBER(Parent entity Header with relation ) for view BPHEADOverview in BP_HEAD and in BUILIDNUMBER there is an attribute IDENTIFICATIONNUMBER.

2) Initially this attribute was a manadatory field in Account Overview screen of IC Webclient and i changed it to optional as per requirement.In account overview screen of contact person this field is now shown as optional.

3)But when we tried to save the record without PIN number(IDENTIFICATIONNUMBER) it's showing error like 'Enter ID Number' .Even after setting the value of ID type (ID type is IDENTIFICATIONTYPE of context node BUILIDNUMBER as in our case PIN number should be saved along with its ID Type ) we are getting above error.

4)We are setting the value of ID type as blank in Method SET_IDENTIFICATIONNUMBER if PIN number is empty but we are still getting the same error and i checked in on save event method PIN Number and ID type is passed as blank.

We are able to create BP in ICCMP_BP_DETAIL component without the PIN number in BuPaCreate view ,If We fill PIN number for the created BP in Account Overview screen (By editing) and save it then the record is saved with the PIN Number successfully.But when we again make the PIN field blank and save the record in Account Overview Screen , It is showing error 'Enter ID Number'.

I am confused why we are getting error message even after setting Pin Number and ID type as blank.For testing purpose I deleted the error message from bol core and now error message is not coming but on save still PIN number field contains the previous value which i had earlier set blank .

Any helpful solution will be appriciated.