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Jun 11, 2009 at 08:35 AM

#ERROR message in report for date format conversion


Dear Collegues,

Why is it that I get #ERROR message (instead of date value) in my report when I use the formula

=ToDate(UserResponse("Enter End Date:");"dd.MM.yyyy") ??

When I only write UserResponse("Enter End Date:") I get the appropriate date, f.ex 5/12/2009. This is american standard for 5th of may, I need to see it like 12/05/2009.

If I try to just enter the date object behind the prompt ([Settlement Date]) i get message #MULTIVALUE even though I have promptet for 1 special date...

Is there another formula I can use to get the right format? I can't adjust the format using properties, it doesn't make any difference, the settings I put in there.

Regards Silje