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Jun 11, 2009 at 05:39 AM

Sale Order Inconsistancy


Dear All,

I have an scenario, I am going to assign the serial numbers in Delivery of the sale order only, and not in

Production Order.

I Created the serial Number, in IQ01-as 'S' , and assigned at the time of PGI in sale Order.

When there is a customer return and i created the sale order with diffrent order type (return) using the reference of billing document number of earlier sale order for which i did PG/Billing.

But At the Time of of doing PGR for this order i am giving the same serial number which i gave earlier, since the Item and customer is same, But system is showing the error/Warning 'System status ECUS is active (EQU 10000338)'

Read as:

{ System status ECUS is active (EQU 10000338)

Message no. BS011


System status ECUS (At customer site) is active for object EQU 10000338. When this status is active, the system issues a warning before executing transaction 'Delivery note assignment' }

Now If change the system status to Forbidden and made it to error it works fine in case of avoiding the same serial number being sent to diffrent customer for same mat code.

This perticular message shall behave diffrently,

1) When I do PGI it should not allow the PGI with the same serial number or the used one.

2) When I do Customer return and do PGR it should allow since the same number i am going to take back.

The Serialization procedures used are: OIS2

SDCC Completness check for delivery 03 02

SDCR Completion check IR delivery 02 02

SDLS Maintain delivery 02 02

SDRE Maintain returns delivery 02 02

Please help me out guys..