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Jun 11, 2009 at 05:21 AM

File RFC File without BPM


Hi Experts!

How to implement File - RFC - File without CCBPM?

In the use-case, the File Sender acts as an initiator for the actual scenario RFC - File which is a usual table export from SAP R/3. There is no message present in the Sender File and when it is read by adapter, will start exporting (triggering RFC).

I did configure overall scenario with File sender Quality of Service as Best Effort 😉 . The response is available in Pipeline too. But I failed to figure out proper 'Receiver Determination' for the same.

Design Objects:

ExportRequest_Out ->


ExportedData_In <-

Both ExportRequest_Out & ExportedData_In are in same Business System. ZCO_MY_EXPORT is SAP Business System.

Please guide me to implement the scenario without BPM.

- Nikhil