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Jun 10, 2009 at 09:57 PM

Error in Fork Step causing issue in generating next work items



We have ECC 6.0 with the following SP:

SAP_BASIS 700 0012 SAPKB70012 SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA 700 0012 SAPKA70012 Cross-Application Component

I have this strange issue. In one of my custom workflows, i am using a Fork step with 02/ 02 necessary outcomes. In branch 1, i am sending a mail to a user's e-mail id. In branch 2, i have 3 activity steps for another user. Step 1 is to display an invoice and step 2 is a user decision to apprve/deny this invoice.

I know that during runtime, at the Fork step, the work item for branch 1 and the 1st work item for activity step 1 in branch 2 get generated almost simultaneously(though with some small time difference). This is OK. But the issue is, when the sendmail in branch 1 errors out due to some error, and when step 1 is finished successfully by another user, the work item for 2nd activity step in branch 2 is not getting created.

As i understand, in the Fork, the 2 branches, execution should be independent of each other, that means, the work item creation and execution of branch 1 and 3 steps in branch 2 should be happening independently. But, this doesn't seem to be the case.

I understand when the sendmail in branch failed, the wflow is set to 'Error' Status.But there is already an open workitem for step 1 of branch 2. When this workitem is completed successfully, I expect the work item for 2nd step should get generated.But this is not happening. But, when i restart the whole workflow using SWPR, it generates the witem for 2nd step in branch 2. And still the wflow is in 'Error' status.

When the user finishes the 2nd workitem of branch 2, the next work item for 3rd step is not getting generated. Instead i needed to restart the whole wflow again and this time, it generated the 3rd witem in ranch 2.

To my understanding, when a Fork is there, if i specify 02/02 outcomes necessary, these 2 branches should go in parallel, both creation and execution of workitems, until they are joined. And at this point, if the whole Fork step is successful, then workflow will proceed further with steps below the Fork. Shouldn't this be the case ?

Anybody had similar issue? Pl share your thoughts on this. I'd really appreciate if somebody can clarify whats going on in the above case and how to fix this.

Thank you in advance



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