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Former Member
Jun 10, 2009 at 09:01 PM

inserting lines to existing layouts - losing cell formatting


We recently upgraded to SP18 and now have to modify some existing layouts to add lines.

In this case we are adding 12 lines to the layout screen in the middle of an pre-existing layout

The lines are getting added but add the last 12 lines have now lost their formatting.

Screens look good in the GUI but not in web.

The web is simply running the layout.

In the past, the steps to do this involved going to the last (excel like screen), manually inserting blank lines then stepping back to insert lines from screen 2. (This tricked the format styles to expand).

The styles are correct but the web seems to be holding onto the old line numbering or pulling it from cache.

Have cleared and deleted templates from txn oaer but don't know where else to look.

Any assistance would be appreciated.