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Jun 10, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Handling Java Mapping Exception in BPM Transformation step


Dear SDN members,

I have developed a File to File scenario using BPM as follows.

Step 1:

Sender file adapter picks the file from FTP server and using file content conversion mapped to XML structure.

Step 2:

BPM will recieve the XML payload , immediately in the block a transformation step is called with an interface mapping. In the interface mapping a Java mapping will be executed with certain data validations on the XML payload. If found any invalid data is there a suitable excptions will be raised . Here the transformation step should be catch the error and control should be sent to exception block to place the recived file as a error file.

else if the transformation is executed with out any issues, the file will be placed in success folder.

But in the transformation step, though java mapping thorwing exceptions, the control not going into exception block, instead it is continuing to next step i.e the file is placing in the success folder.

Can anybody tell me, how to handle the exceptions raised in java mapping in the BPM transformation step?

I have refered all the SDN blogs, forums related to this issue, but could not able to find the answer. Please help me?

Thanks & Regards

Vijayanand Poreddy