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Jun 10, 2009 at 02:14 PM

STWB_2, Getting: "System XYZ is unknown in the system landscape" Error


Dear Experts,

I am trying to define some test cases in Solution Manager, STWB_2, so the testers could test transactions in ECC.

I did it successfully for 1st part of testing, defining the Development System as a target "System role".

That part of testing is almost done.

Now, I have to define the other System as a "System Role" where Integration test should be conducted.

I have defined the system in SMSY, made all the connections (defined "trusted" for conn with SM, all working), I can see it in DSWP (in both System Landscape Maintenance and Solution Landscape Maintenance), also in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.

I can define QAS (that very one) as a "System Role" for that specific Test plan, I can generate the plan and the package, but, when I try to execute the transaction from within the test package, I get an error:

"System TS1 is unknown in the system landscape".

Do I have to schedule some kind of a job or something, as I did it all today (I doubt it, but..?)

Thank you all in advance,

best regards,


P.s. - we are using:

Solution Manager 7.0 SP15

ECC 6.0

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