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Jun 10, 2009 at 12:29 PM

SolMan Workcenter : E2E Analaysis Data is not viewable.



Presently i'm working on E2E Analaysis on Sol Man system and trying to get my Managed system data for landscape & checking the same in solman_workcenter tcode.

But in this while checking Exception Analaysis, Workload Analaysis & Change Analaysis i can see data for some of the system, while some is not able to get it, as this is giving me message "Web application processing terminated" & when i check on this it gives me



The system had to terminate processing of the Web application.

The reason could be that the system was no longer able to find the Web application server session.

System Response

Processing the navigation step is not possible.


Call up the Web Application again.

Note: Use the start URL and not the URL that is currently displayed in the Web Browser.

Procedure for System Administration

Notification Number BRAIN 278


I want to know, how this actually works, i did check Extractor EWK Administrator present in solman_workcenter and found that in Managed system tab, it shows Extractors banned/inconsistent, due to Inconsistent PPMS Modelling, wat actually this means?

Can anybody help me to understand how this Extractors jobs are configured?

I did try to search relevant document, but no success...

Waiting eagerly for some help.