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Jun 10, 2009 at 12:29 PM

SM21 - Request (type DIA) cannot be processed



In SM21, I get this error and cannot determine the root cause through SM21 as no help or drill capability exists.

SM51 shows that dialog processes are available as no CPU time is posted against some of them. Where do I look in the system to get a bit more of an insight on this thing?

Thank you in advance for your help,



Here is a copy of the whole SM21 log entry:

Time Type Nr Clt User TCode Grp N Text

07:02:36 DP Q0 G Request (type DIA) cannot be processed

Request (type DIA) cannot be processed


Recording at local and central time........................ 06/10/2009 07:02:36

Task...... Process User...... Terminal Session TCode Program Cl Problem cl Package

27263 Dispatcher K SAP Web AS Problem STSK

Further details for this message type

Module nam Line Error text Caller.... Reason/cal

dpxxdisp 5551 DIA DpRqBad bad_req

Documentation for system log message Q0 G :

The dispatcher is unable to process a request. The preceding system

log or trace entries should contain more detailed information about

the reason.

The work process type of the request is given:

DIA: Dialog work process

UPD, UP2 Update work process

SPO: Spool work process

ENQ: Enqueue work process

BTC: Background work process

Technical details

File Offset RecFm System log type Grp N variable message data

590 756000 m Error (Function,Module,Row) Q0 G DIA DpRqBadbad_reqdpxxdisp5551