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Jun 10, 2009 at 11:39 AM

I forgot master password and disp+work.EXE process is not running


Hello experts<br>

I got a big trouble that when I trying to login http://hostname:50000/nwa<br>

I input error password and try more than three times,maybe the master account is locked I think so.<br>

Now I'm get the correct password,but http://hostname:50000 is not running<br>

I think that related with disp+work.EXE process, because it is stoped.<br>

I had verify log file dev_w0 that ERROR => sap license, license expired [likeyapi_w.c 2252] in it.<br>

I had get the license file but I can not login in visual administrator again to install it.<br>


Question1.How to change password of the master(j2ee_admin) ??<br>


Question2.Are there another solution to install license??<br>


Please help,thank you very much.<br>


windows server 2003 standard edition 64bit<br>

JDK 1.4.2_17 x64<br>

NetWeaver 7.0 SR3<br>

Solution Manager 7<br>


P.S. Solution Manager and NetWeaver at the same machine.<br>


dev_w0 content is below...<br>





trc file: "dev_w0", trc level: 1, release: "700"<br>







B <br>

B Wed Jun 10 18:18:58 2009<br>

B create_con (con_name=R/3)<br>

B Loading DB library 'D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\exe\dboraslib.dll' ...<br>

B Library 'D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\exe\dboraslib.dll' loaded<br>

B Version of 'D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\exe\dboraslib.dll' is "700.08", patchlevel (0.144)<br>

B New connection 0 created<br>

M sysno 02<br>

M sid SNW<br>

M systemid 562 (PC with Windows NT)<br>

M relno 7000<br>

M patchlevel 0<br>

M patchno 144<br>

M intno 20050900<br>

M make: multithreaded, Unicode, 64 bit, optimized<br>

M pid 3188<br>

M <br>

M kernel runs with dp version 232000(ext=109000) (@(#) DPLIB-INT-VERSION-232000-UC)<br>

M length of sys_adm_ext is 576 bytes<br>

M ***LOG Q0Q=> tskh_init, WPStart (Workproc 0 3188) [dpxxdisp.c 1305]<br>

I MtxInit: 30000 0 0<br>

M DpSysAdmExtCreate: ABAP is active<br>

M DpSysAdmExtCreate: VMC (JAVA VM in WP) is not active<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:18:59 2009<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_adm) 25168 (1480)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(tm_adm) 5652128 (28120)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_ca_adm) 24000 (80)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(appc_ca_adm) 8000 (80)<br>

M DpCommTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=500/16/552064/552080<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(comm_adm) 552080 (1088)<br>

M DpSlockTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/fiSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0/0<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(slock_adm) 0 (104)<br>

M DpFileTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(file_adm) 0 (72)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(vmc_adm) 0 (1864)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(wall_adm) (41664/36752/64/192)<br>

M DpShMCreate: sizeof(gw_adm) 48<br>

M DpShMCreate: SHM_DP_ADM_KEY (addr: 0000000010E70050, size: 6348592)<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated sys_adm at 0000000010E70050<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm at 0000000010E72150<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm_list at 0000000010E783A0<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm at 0000000010E78400<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated wp_ca_adm at 00000000113DC2A0<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated appc_ca_adm at 00000000113E2060<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated comm_adm at 00000000113E3FA0<br>

M DpShMCreate: system runs without slock table<br>

M DpShMCreate: system runs without file table<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm_list at 000000001146AC30<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated gw_adm at 000000001146ACB0<br>

M DpShMCreate: system runs without vmc_adm<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated ca_info at 000000001146ACE0<br>

M DpShMCreate: allocated wall_adm at 000000001146ACF0<br>

M ThTaskStatus: rdisp/reset_online_during_debug 0<br>

X EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).<br>

X MM global diagnostic options set: 0<br>

X <ES> client 0 initializing ....<br>

X Using implementation view<br>

X <EsNT> Using memory model view.<br>

M <EsNT> Memory Reset disabled as NT default<br>

X ES initialized.<br>

M ThInit: running on host sap-server<br>

M calling db_connect ...<br>

C Prepending D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\exe to Path.<br>

C <br>

C Wed Jun 10 18:19:00 2009<br>

C Oracle Client Version: ''<br>

C Client NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8<br>

C Logon as OPS$-user to get SAPSR4's password<br>

C Connecting as /@D01 on connection 0 (nls_hdl 0) ... (dbsl 700 250407)<br>

C Nls CharacterSet NationalCharSet C EnvHp ErrHp ErrHpBatch<br>

C 0 UTF8 1 00000000128320C0 0000000007E88370 0000000007E8DB98<br>

C Attaching to DB Server D01 (con_hdl=0,svchp=0000000007E8DA58,srvhp=0000000012851118)<br>

C <br>

C Wed Jun 10 18:19:01 2009<br>

C Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=0000000007E8DA58,srvhp=0000000012851118,usrhp=0000000007E88B88)<br>

C Now '/@D01' is connected (con_hdl 0, nls_hdl 0).<br>

C Got SAPSR4's password from OPS$-user<br>

C Disconnecting from connection 0 ...<br>

C Closing user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=0000000007E8DA58,usrhp=0000000007E88B88)<br>

C Now I'm disconnected from ORACLE<br>

C Connecting as SAPSR4/<pwd>@D01 on connection 0 (nls_hdl 0) ... (dbsl 700 250407)<br>

C Nls CharacterSet NationalCharSet C EnvHp ErrHp ErrHpBatch<br>

C 0 UTF8 1 00000000128320C0 0000000007E88370 0000000007E8DB98<br>

C Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=0000000007E8DA58,srvhp=0000000012851118,usrhp=0000000007E88B88)<br>

C Now 'SAPSR4/<pwd>@D01' is connected (con_hdl 0, nls_hdl 0).<br>

C <br>

C Wed Jun 10 18:19:02 2009<br>

C Database NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8<br>

C DB instance D01 is running on SAP-SERVER with ORACLE version since JUN 10, 2009, 18:18:27<br>

B Connection 0 opened (DBSL handle 0)<br>

B Wp Hdl ConName ConId ConState TX PRM RCT TIM MAX OPT Date Time DBHost <br>

B 000 000 R/3 000000000 ACTIVE NO YES NO 000 255 255 20090610 181859 SAP-SERVER <br>

M db_connect o.k.<br>

M ICT: exclude compression: <br>.zip,.cs,.rar,.arj,.z,.gz,.tar,.lzh,.cab,.hqx,.ace,.jar,.ear,.war,.css,.pdf,.js,.gzip,.uue,.bz2,.iso,.sda,.sar,.gif<br>

I <br>

I Wed Jun 10 18:19:07 2009<br>

I MtxInit: 0 0 0<br>

M SHM_PRES_BUF (addr: 00000000151D0050, size: 4400000)<br>

M SHM_ROLL_AREA (addr: 000007FFDDA80050, size: 268435456)<br>

M SHM_PAGING_AREA (addr: 0000000015610050, size: 134217728)<br>

M SHM_ROLL_ADM (addr: 000000001D620050, size: 2678942)<br>

M SHM_PAGING_ADM (addr: 000000001D8B0050, size: 525344)<br>

M ThCreateNoBuffer allocated 544152 bytes for 1000 entries at 000000001D940050<br>

M ThCreateNoBuffer index size: 3000 elems<br>

M ThCreateVBAdm allocated 12176 bytes (50 server) at 000000000AE20050<br>

X EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).<br>

X MM global diagnostic options set: 0<br>

X <ES> client 0 initializing ....<br>

X Using implementation view<br>

X ES initialized.<br>

B db_con_shm_ini: WP_ID = 0, WP_CNT = 17, CON_ID = -1<br>

B dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABL (addr: 0000000021310160, size: 30000000, end: 0000000022FAC4E0)<br>

B dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABLP (addr: 0000000022FB0160, size: 10240000, end: 0000000023974160)<br>

B dbexpbuf: Buffer EIBUF (addr: 0000000023980170, size: 4194304, end: 0000000023D80170)<br>

B dbexpbuf: Buffer ESM (addr: 0000000023D90170, size: 4194304, end: 0000000024190170)<br>

B <br>

B Wed Jun 10 18:19:08 2009<br>

B dbexpbuf: Buffer CUA (addr: 00000000241A0170, size: 3072000, end: 000000002448E170)<br>

B dbexpbuf: Buffer OTR (addr: 0000000024490170, size: 4194304, end: 0000000024890170)<br>

M CCMS: AlInitGlobals : alert/use_sema_lock = TRUE.<br>

S *** init spool environment<br>

S initialize debug system<br>

T Stack direction is downwards.<br>

T debug control: prepare exclude for printer trace<br>

T new memory block 00000000129B5D90<br>

S spool kernel/ddic check: Ok<br>

S using table TSP02FX for frontend printing<br>

S 1 spool work process(es) found<br>

S frontend print via spool service enabled<br>

S printer list size is 150<br>

S printer type list size is 50<br>

S queue size (profile) = 300<br>

S hostspool list size = 3000<br>

S option list size is 30<br>

S found processing queue enabled<br>

S found spool memory service RSPO-RCLOCKS at 000000002DBB00D0<br>

S doing lock recovery<br>

S setting server cache root<br>

S found spool memory service RSPO-SERVERCACHE at 000000002DBB0610<br>

S using messages for server info<br>

S size of spec char cache entry: 297032 bytes (timeout 100 sec)<br>

S size of open spool request entry: 2272 bytes<br>

S immediate print option for implicitely closed spool requests is disabled<br>

A <br>

A Wed Jun 10 18:19:09 2009<br>

A <br>

A -PXA --



A PXA: Locked PXA-Semaphore.<br>

A System page size: 4kb, total admin_size: 11460kb, dir_size: 11392kb.<br>

A Attached to PXA (address 000007FFEDAB0050, size 300000K)<br>

A abap/pxa = shared protect gen_remote<br>


A -PXA --


A <br>

A ABAP ShmAdm initialized (addr=000007FF35EFA000 leng=20955136 end=000007FF372F6000)<br>

A >> Shm MMADM area (addr=000007FF363D3F10 leng=244096 end=000007FF3640F890)<br>

A >> Shm MMDAT area (addr=000007FF36410000 leng=15622144 end=000007FF372F6000)<br>

A RFC Destination> destination sap-server_SNW_02 host sap-server system SNW systnr 2 (sap-server_SNW_02)<br>

A RFC Options> H=sap-server,S=02,d=2,<br>

A RFC FRFC> fallback activ but this is not a central instance.<br>

A <br>

A RFC rfc/signon_error_log = -1<br>

A RFC rfc/dump_connection_info = 0<br>

A RFC rfc/dump_client_info = 0<br>

A RFC rfc/cp_convert/ignore_error = 1<br>

A RFC rfc/cp_convert/conversion_char = 23<br>

A RFC rfc/wan_compress/threshold = 251<br>

A RFC rfc/recorder_pcs not set, use defaule value: 2<br>

A RFC rfc/delta_trc_level not set, use default value: 0<br>

A RFC rfc/no_uuid_check not set, use default value: 0<br>

A RFC rfc/bc_ignore_thcmaccp_retcode not set, use default value: 0<br>

A RFC Method> initialize RemObjDriver for ABAP Objects<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:19:10 2009<br>

M ThrCreateShObjects allocated 35354 bytes at 000000000AE40050<br>

N SsfSapSecin: putenv(SECUDIR=D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\sec): ok<br>

N <br>

N =================================================<br>


N ===...SSF Security Toolkit name SAPSECULIB .<br>

N ===...SSF trace level is 0 .<br>

N ===...SSF library is D:\usr\sap\SNW\DVEBMGS02\exe\sapsecu.dll .<br>

N ===...SSF hash algorithm is SHA1 .<br>

N ===...SSF symmetric encryption algorithm is DES-CBC .<br>

N ===...completed with return code 5.<br>

N =================================================<br>

N <br>

N Wed Jun 10 18:19:13 2009<br>

N MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Logon Ticket cache pointer retrieved from shared memory.<br>

N MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Workprocess runs with Logon Ticket cache.<br>

M JrfcVmcRegisterNativesDriver o.k.<br>

W =================================================<br>

W === ipl_Init() called<br>

B dbtran INFO (init_connection '<DEFAULT>' [ORACLE:700.08]):<br>

B max_blocking_factor = 5, max_in_blocking_factor = 5,<br>

B min_blocking_factor = 5, min_in_blocking_factor = 5,<br>

B prefer_union_all = 0, prefer_join = 0,<br>

B prefer_fix_blocking = 0, prefer_in_itab_opt = 1,<br>

B convert AVG = 0, alias table FUPD = 0,<br>

B escape_as_literal = 1, opt GE LE to BETWEEN = 0,<br>

B select * =0x0f, character encoding = STD / <none>:-,<br>

B use_hints = abap->1, dbif->0x1, upto->2147483647, rule_in->0,<br>

B rule_fae->0, concat_fae->0, concat_fae_or->0<br>

W ITS Plugin: Path dw_gui<br>

W ITS Plugin: Description ITS Plugin - ITS rendering DLL<br>

W ITS Plugin: sizeof(SAP_UC) 2<br>

W ITS Plugin: Release: 700, [7000.0.144.20050900]<br>

W ITS Plugin: Int.version, [33]<br>

W ITS Plugin: Feature set: [16]<br>

W ===... Calling itsp_Init in external dll ===> <br>

W === ipl_Init() returns 0, ITSPE_OK: OK<br>

W =================================================<br>

N VSI: WP init in ABAP VM completed with rc=0<br>

E Replication is disabled<br>

E EnqCcInitialize: local lock table initialization o.k.<br>

E EnqId_SuppressIpc: local EnqId initialization o.k.<br>

E EnqCcInitialize: local enqueue client init o.k.<br>

S server @>SSRV:sap-server_SNW_02@< appears or changes (state 1)<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:19:45 2009<br>

M *** ERROR => sap license, license expired [likeyapi_w.c 2252]<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:20:08 2009<br>

M *** ERROR => sap license, license expired [likeyapi_w.c 2252]<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:20:30 2009<br>

M *** ERROR => sap license, license expired [likeyapi_w.c 2252]<br>

M <br>

M Wed Jun 10 18:20:54 2009<br>

M *** ERROR => sap license, license expired [likeyapi_w.c 2252]<br>