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Jun 10, 2009 at 10:42 AM

In Analysis authorization restricting to characteristic value have problem



We are designing the roles in our BI system. where the requirement is using analysis auth. we have to restrict in the characteristics object level. we created two roles naming role1 and role2.

role1: consists only the auth. object(KFHQ) having following fields:

0CALYEAR Calendar Year - *

0DIVISION Division - *

0SALESORG Sales Organization - *

0TCAACTVT Activity in Analysis Authorizations - I EQ 03

0TCAIPROV Authorizations for InfoProvider - I EQ ZMKTSH and ZI_IN_RV

0TCAKYFNM Key Figure in Analysis Authorizations - *

0TCAVALID Validity of an Authorization - *

ZORDT_H Order Type (H) - *

ZPLANT_O Order Plant - *





ZWORK_GR Workshop Group - *

role 2: consists of field rscomp, rscomp1, s_rfc and S_BDS_D

we have given two queries in this like inflow revenvue and market share(ZMKTSH and ZI_IN_RV).

when we execute the querie ZI_IN_RV, it runs properly and shows the result specfic to dept in auth.object.

when we try to execute the querie ZMKTSH, it is not restricting in the Dept value instead it shows all the departments.

our requirement is it has to inherit the restriction given, instead it takes all values.

in my knowledge if a Infoprovider is containing auth relevant char and it is not asked in should work actually.

Kindly help me with this in resolving the issue.

Regards, Krish