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Aug 20, 2018 at 11:34 PM

WWI- compress instances based on condition output


I have a requirement where there are two Instances for Value Assignments for any given property tree attribute. One instance has a parameter say “High Spin” and the second instance parameter has “Low spin”. I want the WWI to compress the entire instance if it has “High Spin” assigned to instance number 1 and still display instance number 2.

So far I've tried using Condition. Output, where I've told the system that IF Parameter = High Spin, compress. The functionality works only when there is one instance. If we have two instances, and the second instance has a different value than 1st instance, it ignores the rule "IF parameter = high spin" and displays both instances on WWI report. Does anyone know if this is something needs to be customized? or am I not using the condition output correctly? I want to be able to compress any given instance based on a parameter but limit the compression to instance.