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​How to include quotations in a string calculation?

SAP Lumira Desktop

Version: 1.31.1

Build: 122

I am trying to write a calculation that will return an html string that looks like this:

<a href="https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-42244" target="_blank">Author - Title</a>

You'll notice that there are quotation marks in the string, and those need to be there for my purpose. (Single quotes will not be honored by the html application I'm using the string within) I have a calculation that should give me the above output and it looks like this:

if {Division} = "LANDESK" 
then ("<a href=\"https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-" + {Documentnumber} + " target=\"_blank\"> " + {Name} + " - " + {Title} + "</a>") 
else ("No result") 

I can save this formula without an error.

However when I try to export the data to a csv, I get an error:

Internal error: Error: [RCI_CE_00035] - [Cannot execute the query.Velocity Engine
does not support this workflow: HL(12): A std::exception did happen during call.
{0} (An error occured during code compilation
if(T1."id_58" = V'LANDESK') is null then null else if (T1."id_58" = V'LANDESK') then
((((((V'<a href="https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-' + to_varchar(T1."id_1")) +.... 

(I can't copy paste the error message which is super annoying, so that's as much as I was willing to write up manually.)

I have included a screenshot of the error it throws.

If I remove the \" the export is successful.

So it seems related to me trying to escape the quotation mark.

So my question is:

How can I include quotations in a string calculation?

If I am supposed to escape the quotation character, what is the escape character? If backslash is the escape character, then there may be a bug with how it behaves?

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