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WSR 00102 @@ Illegal argument ("Cannot parse the axis formula =[Store Name]. (Error: RWI 00650)")

I am getting this error when I add new filed to the existing Webi Document and trying to add to report specification.

Following is my workflow

1. Create Document With efashion universe (State and City Field first)
2. Create Report
3. Create DataProvider
4. Add DataProvder Specification
5. Add Report Specification
6. Save Document


1.Edit the previously created Document to add "Store Name"
2. Update DataProvider with New Column

<dataprovider><id>1013926_DP8</id><name>1013926_Query100</name><dataSourceId>5424</dataSourceId><dataSourceType>unx</dataSourceType><dictionary><expression dataType='String' qualification='Dimension'><id>DP0.OBJ_218</id><name>State</name><dataSourceObjectId>OBJ_218</dataSourceObjectId><formulaLanguageId>[State]</formulaLanguageId></expression><expression dataType='String' qualification='Dimension'><id>DP0.OBJ_166</id><name>City</name><dataSourceObjectId>OBJ_166</dataSourceObjectId><formulaLanguageId>[City]</formulaLanguageId></expression><expression dataType='String' qualification='Dimension'><id>DP0.OBJ_376</id><name>Store name</name><dataSourceObjectId>OBJ_376</dataSourceObjectId><formulaLanguageId>[Store name]</formulaLanguageId></expression></dictionary></dataprovider>

3. Update DataProvider Specification

<?xml version="1.0"?>

-<queryspec:QuerySpec dataProviderId="DP0" xmlns:queryspec="" xmlns:parameter="" xmlns:xsi="">



<maxRetrievalTimeInSecondsProperty value="0"/>

<maxRowsRetrievedProperty value="0"/>

<removeEmptyRowsProperty value="true" activated="true"/>

<allowOtherUserToEditQueryProperty value="true" activated="true"/>

<resetContextOnRefreshProperty value="true" activated="true"/>


<useBexQueryDefaultValue value="true" activated="true"/>


-<queriesTree queryOperator="Union" xsi:type="queryspec:QueryOperatorNode">

-<children xsi:type="queryspec:QueryDataNode">

-<bOQuery identifier="1013926_DP0_Qry1" name="1013926_DP0_Qry1">

<resultObjects identifier="OBJ_218" name="State"/>

<resultObjects identifier="OBJ_166" name="City"/>

<resultObjects identifier="OBJ_376" name="Store name"/>





4. Update Report Specification with the new Column

<REPORT rId="4" name="Report 1" drillActivated="false" outputInDrill="false"><PAGEDEF><MARGIN bottom="0" top="0" left="0" right="0" /><RECORDS horizontal="0" vertical="0" /></PAGEDEF><PAGE_HEADER bId="0" /><PAGE_BODY bId="0"><VTABLE name="Block 1" x="0" y="0"><AXIS><EXPRS><AXIS_EXPR>=[State]</AXIS_EXPR><AXIS_EXPR>=[City]</AXIS_EXPR><AXIS_EXPR>=[Store name]</AXIS_EXPR></EXPRS><HIDE /><ALTCOLOR frequency="2" /></AXIS><COL width="0" /><COL width="0" /><COL width="0" /><ROWGROUP type="header"><TR><TDCELL><CONTENT>=NameOf([State])</CONTENT></TDCELL><TDCELL><CONTENT>=NameOf([City])</CONTENT></TDCELL><TDCELL><CONTENT>=NameOf([Store name])</CONTENT></TDCELL></TR></ROWGROUP><ROWGROUP type="body"><TR><TDCELL><CONTENT>=[State]</CONTENT></TDCELL><TDCELL><CONTENT>=[City]</CONTENT></TDCELL><TDCELL><CONTENT>=[Store name]</CONTENT></TDCELL></TR></ROWGROUP></VTABLE></PAGE_BODY><PAGE_FOOTER bId="0" /></REPORT>

5. Getting this error "

Error source:The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

WSR 00102 @@ Illegal argument ("Cannot parse the axis formula =[Store name]. (Error: RWI 00650)")

Please help to resolve the issue.

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3 Answers

  • Posted on Aug 22, 2018 at 09:33 PM

    Hi Sivaraman,

    I don't see anything wrong with your XML.

    One item I do not have, if I build a report the same way you describe, is the <children> element.for updating the specification.

    try removing -<children xsi:type="queryspec:QueryDataNode"> and </children> but leave the content you have inside the element.

    Step 2 does not seem to be necessary to me.
    What is the URL and method used is Step 3?

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  • Posted on Aug 23, 2018 at 01:29 PM


    I guess that doing the same workflow through the UI (DHTML or Applet) refreshes the document when you click on "Apply changes and close" after query update.
    So, you should probably do the same on REST workflow :-)


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  • Posted on Aug 23, 2018 at 06:15 PM

    Thanks for you answer. I am seeing this issue sporadic. Please give me some more time to see whether I can fix the issue.

    If not I will update.

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