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Aug 17, 2018 at 08:54 AM

SAPUI5 Utilize full width of WizardStep

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I am using a Wizard object in my app with multiple steps. I want the content of this step to utilize the full width available. I am currently using the below XML, though this is just resulting in the content being bunched together on the left (see attached image).

How can I modify this so the SimpleForms will use the full width of the page ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



<WizardStep id="wizStep2" validated="true" title="Customer Confirm" icon="sap-icon://customer" >
<HBox width="100%" fitContainer="true">
<form:SimpleForm editable="true">
<Label text="Title"/>
<Input value="MR"/>
<Label text="Name"/>
<Input value="John"/>
<Input value="Smith"/>
<Label text="House"/>
<Input value="81"/>
<Label text="Street"/>
<Input value="Main Road"/>
<Label text="City"/>
<Input value=""/>
<Label text="PostCode"/>
<Input value=""/>
<form:SimpleForm editable="true">
<Label text="Home Tel"/>
<Input value=""/>
<Label text="Mobile No"/>
<Input value=""/>
<Label text="Email"/>
<Input value=""/>


capture.png (29.0 kB)