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Aug 17, 2018 at 08:04 AM

NETPL entry in MD21 getting checked even when the demand is beyond the horizon

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Hello SAP experts,

There’s a PD material in a plant whose horizon as set as 365 days. I create an order reservation whose requirement date is well beyond 365 days (20.10.2019). I check planning file entries of the material and find that both NETCH and NETPL are marked, as far as I understand only NETCH should be checked as the reservation does not fall in the horizon range. Further, I run MD03 with PR creation indicator ‘2’, it creates a planned order rightly so. I go again check planning file entries and both the fields NETPL AND NETCH get unflagged. I go to MD04 and delete the planned order and check the planning file entries again and find that now only the NETCH is checked while NETPL check is removed. Further, when MD03 is run with PR creation Indicator 3 with NETCH in scope of planning, a planned order is made again it shouldn’t have been as planned order should be planned within the horizon? I have checked the material master settings the PDT is 15 days and there is no MRP group maintained for the material.

Could anyone please help me understand :

1. Why do planning file entries have initially both NETPL and NETCH flagged?

2. PR creation indicator should create a planned order when run with 3 even when the requirement is beyond the horizon? Thank you.