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Jun 09, 2009 at 02:39 PM

EBS (Electronic Bank Statement) - Not Clearing automatically in FI


Hi Experts,

I am having an unique problem. I have uploaded the Electronic Bank Statement for my client in BAI2 Format in FF_5. I have used External Transaction 195 (Incoming Money Transfer) and Algorithm - 001 in my configuration settings. The Posting Rule defined was as follows -

PA 1, 40 Bank, 50 Bank Sub account, P Type 1.

PA 2, 40 Bank Sub account, 50 No entry, P Type 8 Clear Credit Sub ledger account.

The statement upload triggered the following entry:

1) Bank a/c Dr

To Bank Sub account

2) Bank Sub account Dr

To Customer a/c

It had cleared the open item in Customer Ledger, I could see Green indicator in FBL5N (Customer Line Item). But in G/L in Bank Sub account. The Credit (resulting from entry no 1) and the debit (resulting from entry no 2) remains as uncleared open item with Red Indicator in FBL3N.

But when I do a test run of F.13 by selecting the G/L Account option, am getting these items in list of clearing transaction and finding no error message.

My question to the forum experts is

1. I assume that if upload of Electronic Bank statement can clear the open customer line item, it should also clear the open GL Line items and there is no need for running F.13.

2. If answer to question no 1 is yes, then what could be an possible fix for my issue.

Thanks in advance!