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Aug 21, 2018 at 07:47 PM

How to integrate Production Orders and Planned Orders to SAP IBP.


Hi SAP Community,

I'm trying to integrate Production Orders and Planned orders to SAP IBP using Time Series Supply Optimizer. The thing is that I really don't know how to integrate this two differents kind of orders to the production plan.

My first idea was bring the Productions Orders to the key figure "Inventory Correction", and Planned Orders to "Minimun Production Receipts" (considering that these orders belong to the fixed plan). Nevertheless I have two questions:

1. If Production Orders yet not consumed raw materials, how can I discount these quantity in my stock of raw materials? Do should I take some status in the orders to notify the consume?

2. If Productions Orders goes to Inventory Correction, may IBP use the available capacity to planning new orders, using the available capacity, even when in reality there's a production order using it? (thinking that when the production order goes to inventory correction will not use capacity as planned order does).

Thanks for your help. Renato