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Jun 09, 2009 at 09:28 AM

SM20 : IP/DNS address Terminal column



English not my main language sorry in advance.

I've set a Security Audit Log (SM19/SM20 and mofided my instance profile -> rsau/enable, rsau/local/file, rsau/max_diskspace/local, rsau/selection_slots)

All working well but when i check logs (sm20) the 'Terminal' of the user logged in/off with the SAPGUI from a windows workstation is the NETBIOS name (%COMPUTERNAME%) of his workstation instead of the IP/DNS address (on linux it's the local hostname - on redhat /etc/sysconfig/network) .Of course i don't have this problem when using web client.

So here my question : Is it possible on SAP to log IP/DNS address instead of NETBIOS name/hostname of a client using SAPGUI when using audit strategy ? If yes, what do i have to modify and where (client or server side)

We use : SAPGUI 7.10 (Windows version) and ECC6 server kernel 7.0

Thx in advance for the help