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Aug 21, 2018 at 06:02 PM

Simple question



I have a following formula in my report, when report execute it displays label "Total" then bring the running total from {#RTotal0} - [Ex - Total 50.00]

Shared numbervar total1;

"Total" & ' ' & total1:=ToNumber({#RTotal0})

Now the total display in 2 decimals, but I do not want any decimals, So I right click on field and select format field, there I do not have "number "tab, Since the data type for this formula become string.

Another option I tried was, I modified my formula as below

Shared numbervar total1;

"Total" & ' ' & total1:=ToNumber(({#RTotal0}),0)

But i got following error.

"Too many argument have been given to this function"

Any advice as how to convert this in number and omit decimals?

Thanks again.