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Jun 09, 2009 at 06:55 AM

Multiple Dataload, DTP, Dublicate Keys


Hi specialists,

following scenario:

Some master-data (let's say for 0material) is loaded multiple times (let's say 3 times) to the BW via a Full-InfoPackage.

Then a Delta-DTP is started to forward the (latest) records from the PSA to the master-data-table.

I expeced the DTP to be clever enough to find the lastest record for each key in order to write only that record to the master-data-table. But instead I experienced, that the DTP crashes because it finds "Dublicate keys" (of course it does - because there're 3 times the same records because of the multiple InfoPackage execution).

Could you comment/clearify that please?

How do you handle such cases?