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Jun 09, 2009 at 04:10 AM

How to aggregate the SNP PDS operations to 1 day


Hi Friends,

We are using SNP PDS. While maintaining routing I assign workcenter and enter activities ie., setup time and producion time for each operation.

For examplle i have 3 operations with activities

Operation 10 : Setup 30 mins and Produce 1 hour

Operation 20 : Produce 3hrs

Operation 30: Produce 2 hours

I CIF this BOM+Routing by selecting SNP PDS in CFM1 to APO. When this is tranferred to APO SNP

I see operation 10: setup 30 mins which is 1Day in SNP + Produce 1 hour is 1 Day in SNP. L:ike wise the other operations are 1 Day each.

By this when I check the PDS total number of production time will be 4Days.. which is supposed to be

30mins1hr3hts+2hours = 6.5hours.===> 1 Day in SNP ( My requirement)

By this my 6.5hours of production time is expressed as 4days in SNP. This is because the least time buket in SNP is 1 Day.

So how can i aggregate this operation with activities into actual production time. Mean to say aggregating the activities to 1 Day. How can I do this.

Can anyone of you had the same issue and have overcome this issue by any development do let me know. I do appreciate for your the help.