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Jun 08, 2009 at 11:02 PM

Problem using findByMultipleParameters in CE


Hi All,

I have a problem with findByMultipleParameters operation in CAF Core for Version CE 7.1, because the code for performing a finder with multiple filters is deprecated:

QueryFilter condOpen = QueryFilterFactory.createQueryFilter();

+ condAbre.setOperation(QueryFilter.OPERATION_BRACKET_OPEN);+

+ QueryFilter condAND = QueryFilterFactory.createQueryFilter();+

+ condAND.setOperation(QueryFilter.OPERATION_AND);+

+ QueryFilter condClose = QueryFilterFactory.createQueryFilter();+

+ condCierra.setOperation(QueryFilter.OPERATION_BRACKET_CLOSE);+

with findByMultipleParameters method we could implement a query with several filters that are not required, so you can "build" your query depending of the filters that the user choose.

But in Caf Core for CE version if you implement a custom finder choosing the fields you want to search by, It's behaivor is like using AND condition between the filters, so you MUST have all your filters mandatory or It doesn't work, if you try to implment a findByMultipleParameters method, It's marked as deprecated and It doesn't present any option.

Do you have any idea??

thanks a lot for your help!!!