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Jun 08, 2009 at 11:44 AM

I want to create a dynamic calender so that when i will refresh the metric



I want to mail the production data value only for previos day. like production volume for 7 june 2009 is 20.00 MMSCM.

I have a measure object .when i m refreshing the metric for this measure object selecting the storage option :- store last Metric Value , Calender is Daily Calender .

After it i have create a rule in which using gereric Rule Template . Based on this metric refresh Event, Condition is 1=1 , action is send the mail .............

after sending the mail , mail for all the calender period is receiving in mail box.

like calender is from 1 june 2009 to previos day.I m running this rule on 8th june 2009 then 7 mail will receive in mail box on 8 th june 2009. data for all days except 7th june is null while for for 7th it is displaying in mail.

So i want to ristrict the calender for previos day so that for one day data and only one gas day will be there in rule .

Please help if you have any thought on this issue.

thanks in advance