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Jun 08, 2009 at 06:40 AM

TWO CURRENCIES IN ONE Purchase Orders Release Procedure.


TWO CURRENCIES IN ONE Purchase Orders Release Procedure.

Please provide a solution if a release strategy is maintained for two currencies like USD and SGD for more clarification please Read the below Requirement.

Requirement for Singapore:

u2022 COMPANY Asia (Singapore) wants its own Purchase order release strategy is based on their local currency (SGD)

u2022 Whereas COMPANY is using only USD as currency in Purchase order release strategy.

u2022 Standard SAP works based on Character currency which is defining in Class of Purchase release strategy and converts with Local currency to compare with Character Currency.

Required analysis:

u2022 The value assigned in classification is based on Conversion from SGD to USD, Due to Exchange rate fluctuations the assigned value is differ by large amounts and hence system is either determining the higher release strategy or Lower release strategy

u2022 But during Release Strategy Configuration the Net order Value is assigned as 3600 USD considering the Exchange as 1.388889.

u2022 As per the exchange rate in the purchase order 1.3799 the system is calculation the PO Net order Value but the Strategy is Determined based on the value maintained according to exchange Rate 1.388889

In the Purchase Order the system is

Ex: Total Purchase Order Value is 4765.21 SGD and 3453.30 in USD

For Level 1 the value limit is 5000 SGD if it exceeds 5000 SGD it has to go to his manager (Level 2) Exchange rate on 01.04.2008 is 1.3799.

System Considerations:

Possible Solution:

1. Create a new Class with Characteristic with Currency Value SGD System should determine the class based on the combination of Plant 6000 and Document Category F Purchase Order.

2. By using Enhancement spot with Function Module ME_RELEASE_STRATEGIE/ ME_RELEASE_STRATEGIE_EKKO


1. System will determine the class PUR_RELEASE from table T16FG if the system finds Plant as 6000 and Document Category as F Then replace PUR_RELEASE with New class as ZPUR _6000.

2. Maintain Z table for the combination of Plant and Class for future requirement

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