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Former Member
Jun 08, 2009 at 05:43 AM

smartform prints every page twice


Hi ppl,

I am printing a z-smartform which is being called by a custom driver program.

In the driver report, I have added the following condition so that the form gets printed immediately:

 DATA: gs_out_opt TYPE ssfcompop,
                    gs_control  TYPE ssfctrlop. 
* Print Immediately
    gs_out_opt-tdimmed      = 'X'.

But, due to this code, each document is printed twice, though I have specified the number of copies as 1. (I have suppressed the print dialog).

 * One Copy
  gs_out_opt-tdcopies       = 1.
* For Dialog box
  gs_control-no_dialog      = 'X'.

But, when I set the code as:

    gs_out_opt-tdimmed      = ' '.

then every page is printed only once. But, I am not sure if the document will be printed immediately, once I click the print option in my driver program.

Please help me on this if you have any inputs.