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Jun 08, 2009 at 04:37 AM

Bank reconciliation for all transactions


When will use Banking Report for any external reconciliation (by due date, exact amount, sum, trans number) feature? For the general purpose, I want to have all deposits, wire transfer, outgoing bank transfer and checks list then can reconcile for whole month and will tie with bank records from B1.

Business Partner> Internal Reconciliation (Manual, semi-auto and automatic) designed for what purpose? Why I need to reconcile only range of partners that will take more time? How to do the automatic and this feature really will choose correct transaction number to reconcile each record? How to make this work as designed?

Financials> Internal Reconciliation (Manual, semi-auto and automatic) reconciliation. When and how to use this feature? Why we have this feature here?

TBL, Where I can do the monthly reconciliation to compare with bank statement for all incoming, outgoing transactions in one shot? Please explain details for above features. Thanks.