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Jun 07, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Internet Transaction Server (ITS) connection test fail.


Hi all:

ITS connection tests fails , when I am trying to load integartion BW with portal,

the paratmeters are as follows :

ITS Description : USWS3500

ITS Host Name : USWS3500

ITS Path :

ITS Protocol : http


ITS Connection

Test Details:

The test consists of the following steps:

1. Check the validity of the system ID in the system object

2. Check whether the system can be retrieved

3. Check whether the system object has a valid system alias

4. Check whether a SAP system is defined in the system object

5. Validate the following parameters: ITS protocol; ITS host name

6. Check the validity of any user mapping in the system object

7. Check HTTP/S connectivity to the defined backend application


1. The system ID is valid

2. Retrieval of the system was successful

3. Retrieval of the default alias was successful

4. The system object represents an SAP system

5. The following parameters are valid: ITS Protocol (http) ITS Host Name (USWS3500)

6. HTTP/S connection failed


USWS3500 is the server name , could you please what is wrong ?

thank you very much