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Aug 16, 2018 at 06:21 AM

SAP FM BCS total difference with line items

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Dear Experts,

We are facing difference in control ledger total with line items. The difference is identified in 1 standard report but not in other reports nor counted in consumed total on avc ledger.

Please help on this as soon as possible. Please also advise should I report it via OSS or its a normal behavior in FM BCS.


Referring to: 1508039 - Report to detect FMAVCT inconsistencies

We find difference in RFFMAVC_SHOW_DIFFERENCES (se38)

However FMAVCREINIT does not fix the total difference in control ledger and report FMAF shows the record but does not recognize as the error.

FMIT table contains the entry with amount (find in attachment).


FMAVCT table data (find in attachment).


I will actively provide any further details of tables if requires with snapshot.


untitled.png (72.2 kB)
untitled2.png (102.7 kB)
fmitcsv.txt (2.4 kB)
fmavctcsv.txt (2.1 kB)