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Aug 15, 2018 at 06:13 PM

Creating/Generating direct URLs to specific areas in C4C


Hi All,

We are looking to be able to guide the end user to do certain functions within C4C, without having them log in, go to the landing page, then click around to do certain things.

We would like to present them with something like an SAP Launchpad and provide tiles to guide them.

For example, we create a tile called 'Manage my customers' - they click it, and they will be redirected to C4C but it will open to the Account screen directly.

OR, we create a tile called 'Open a new opportunity - they click it, and they will be redirected to the C4C but the 'new opportunity' window will be opened right away

Are we able to create/generate these direct links? I think now, if you copy and paste the link from C4C, there is session-specific data at the end, and the link may not work once the session expires.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance