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Jun 06, 2009 at 07:01 AM

Header text not printing correctly in ALV


Hi all,

I am facing a problem in ALV. My requirment is to display material document number, material ,header and other corresponding fields in ALV.

I am able to display all the required fields in ALV but the problem is with header text. Initially, the requirement was to display Header text as the first column in ALV. But it was going for dump. When i changed it as second column in the ALV, i am able to view the output.

1. Is there any constraint in ALV that Texts should not be the first column?

2. Second, the texts in header field are getting overwritten if i move it to the second column.

For example, If i have the XBLNR as the first column, contents of XBLNR gets displayed in header text(BKTXT) column, If i make the header text as third column and have Number of BIll Lading (FRBNR) as the second column then all the contents of FRBNR gets displayed in BKTXT.

For some reason,it is not displaying the contents of BKTXT. I kept a break point just before REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY and i am able to see the header texts in my internal table. It is just that in the output it somehow overwrites and i am not able to figure it out.

Note : There are no issue with field catalog. The alignment of both field catalog and my internal table are exact.

Looking forward for your help. Thanks.