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Jun 06, 2009 at 04:34 AM

Compare COPA SD FI


Hello everyone,

I am trying to understand KEAT.

In this billing number, I can see various kind of cost like below :

Var.Product. Costs USD 4,130.39

IFRS Standard COGS USD 8,900.77

Var Material Cost USD 2,277.88

Fixed Labor Cost USD 2.35

Var Labor Cost USD 8.55

Fixed Overhead Cost USD 2,843.73

Var Overhead Cost USD 1,843.96

Fixed Material OH Cost USD 74.55

Cost of goods (through VPRS cond) USD 7,050.94

1 May I know if part of the cost above made up of Cost of goods (through VPRS)? If yes, what tcode I can see?

2 What tcode that determines this billing to have what cost involved and the cost amount?

3 May I know if IFRS Standard COGS is standard and Cost of goods (through VPRS) is actual?

4 Which tcode I can see what are the cost that made up IFRS Standard COGS and Cost of goods (through VPRS condition)?

Thank you so much.