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Aug 21, 2018 at 04:57 PM

How to connect SAP Data Hub to a BW system


Hi all

I'm trying to configure a connection to a BW system in the SAP Data Hub Landscape Management section. Unfortunatelly I'm not suceeding on that and the documentation on how to configure that is almost non-existing, so I have to figure out most of the stuff. That's a pity for a new product...

So reproducing step-by-step:

First we have created a RFC destination in the BW system we want to connect to. The SAP documentation is totally unclear on the steps, so I'm detailing here what we did in BW

1- We have created a connection named SAP_DATA_HUB in the SM59 of the BW system.

2- The connection is a RFC connection type "HTTP Connection to External Serv" 3- The target host is the SAP Data Hub Application External IP Address and the Service no. is the port, we do not know which one to use so we used 8090, it returns an OK on the RFC connection test in SM59...

Then back to the SAP Data Hub we defined the connection as follows

ID: <the name>_DEFAULT (the _DEFAULT as per the documentation)

Connection type: SAP BW HTTP

Protocol: HTTP (the BW system does not have the SSL configured, it's a demo system)

Connection URL: we use a FQDN url that includs the port (in that case 50000 which is the same that appears in transaction SICF port information section)

RFC Connection: here is where we defined the SAP_DATA_HUB connection created in the previous step

User: the BW user it exists in the BW client and has full authorizations

Password: the password for the above BW user

After validating, we get an error which simply says Error 23625

Any idea on whether the above parameters are right? where can we get more detailed information on how to connect the SAP data hub with a BW system?

The only information you get on how to configure the above connection is:


All the above is too vague for implementing a connection whithout wasting hours and hours with troubleshooting, tests etc...

Appreciate any inputs on the above, or a link to a more detailed and concised documentation.


captureports.png (71.0 kB)
captureerror.png (5.5 kB)
capturebw.png (17.0 kB)
capturebw2.png (6.9 kB)