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Jun 05, 2009 at 03:04 PM

How do I know if a sales order change?


Hello experts,

Iu2019m making a query, in which I want to know if the u201CDelivery Dateu201D of a sales order has been changed, I try this one:

SELECT T0.[DocNum], T1.[DocNum], max(t1.[loginstanc]) FROM ORDR T0 inner join ADOC T1 on T0.[DocNum]= T1.[DocNum] GROUP BY T0.[DocNum], T1.[DocNum] having max(t1.[loginstanc]) >1 ORDER BY 1

But I canu2019t find a way of joining the information in the u201CDifferenceu201D window of the u201CChange logu2026u201D with my query, so I get all the sales order that change not only the once I need.