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Aug 21, 2018 at 09:05 AM

Solution Manager 7.2 performance indicators automatic reports csv

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Hi experts,

got another task from my boss: performance evaluations of our sap client systems.

I have to extract key information out of our Solution Manager. All relevant data can be found in the Early Watch report like DB performance, CPU performance, DB system etc.

For our 100 clients, I would need to click 100 times download the right EWA> extract the relevant data > finally process the data in excel. That should be done like 4 times a year!

My idea would be an automatism, with just one click: export all relevant data to a txt or csv file or something like this. It also can be done for each SAP client seperated in their respective file.
I hope u know what I want. I tried it myself, but Solman is a way too complicated/complex to just google the information for that.
If it is not that complex, I would be happy about a little guide or approach.

Edit: Got a possibility to process the EWR in Excel ( Data > import from Web >URL from the EWR). Now, i just need to know how to configure the SOLman, that he is sending, in addition to the Mail function, the respectiv EWR´s in a proper folder.