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Jun 05, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Retroactive ESI.



I got an employee .Last month in April its salary run was not taken. now this month that employee left the company and has been made inactive. We have to give him salary. We are taking his salary run this month.

His ESI Amount is not getting deducted.

Wage type /112 ESI Basis amount as 5597.30 and /113 ESI Basis as 57774.99.

The employye is eligible for ESI, burt its not appearing while running payroll for this employee.

In case if I am running test payroll for only last month,


ESI is appearing in that test payrol Run

wage type : /3E1 Ee ESI con 98.00

/3E2 Er ESI con 266.00

I have Tried a lot to find its reason, But I am not able to do it.

Please help.