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Jun 05, 2009 at 09:37 AM

Portal System Transport (Best Practice)



We have DEV, QA and PRD landscape. We have created systems that connect to backend ECC systems. Since the DEV and QA ECC system has one application server, we have created a portal system of type singe application server in the DEV Portal that points to DEV ECC system. Subsequently we have transported this portal system to QA portal and make it point to QA ECC.

Now the Prd ECC systems is of type load balancing with multiple servers. The portal system that connects to Prd ECC system should also be of type Load Balancing. Now we cannot transport the QA portal system that connects to QA ECC system to prd since its of type Single Application Server.

What will be the best strategy to create the portal system in prd portal that points to PRD ECC.

1. Create the portal system freshly in Prd system of type Load Ballancing. Does it adhere to the best practise approach that suggest Not to Create anyting in prd system directly.


2, Is there any other way that should I follow to make sure that Best Practices for Portal Dvelepment is followed.