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Jun 05, 2009 at 09:00 AM

Using attributes from AdapterSpecificMessage in 'Variable Substution"


Hi all,

Is there any possibility of acceding to an atribute determined dynamically during mapping from Variable Substitution in a receiver FTP communication channel?

This is the scenario:

Inside mapping, we are determining a folder and storing it under header variable 'directory'. If I use 'Adapter Specific Message Attributes" directory, it works ok and writes the file into the appropiate folder.

The thing is we need for development to store that file under the same structure but under another extra folder:

If in QA it's /out/file, in DEV it should be /DEV/out/file .

I was trying to do this this way:

target directory = /DEV/%var1%

Variable Substitution

var1 = message:directory

And obviously, it's not working. Do anybody know any way to access to that value from Variable Substitution?

Thanks in advance, Iñaki.