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Former Member
Jun 05, 2009 at 08:59 AM

Table maintenance generator - multiple requirements


Hi Experts

we are trying to achieve some functionalities using TMG.

1. Stop user creating manual entry in table other than transaction SM30 or transaction code we will create for it .(through SE11 utilities-table contents-create/display anyone can modify entry we want to stop that, even if user has authorization to change table he should not be able to change through SE11)

2. When user modifies one entry, we want to retain the original record with different version. using events we can achieve this i am just confused as to which even will enable me to do it. following steps i want to perform

user wants to change record A

user changes record A presses button to save it.

original record A is modified (not with user's change but even before user changed it) and saved with version 2.

a record with user's desired changes is inserted as record B.

3. How do i hide fields when table is displayed ? i have to create a view on this table ? can i use TMG of table with the view as well ?