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Aug 20, 2018 at 11:16 AM

standalone SAP HANA data archiving



We would like to know Data Archiving capabilities of standalone SAP HANA tables.

Currently we are on HANA (fa/hana2sp02)

We have auditing enabled in the system. The audit log table growth is huge(Around 350GB) which effects the backup size.

Schema Name : _SYS_AUDIT

Table Name : CS_AUDIT_LOG_

Table Size : 340GB

Few SAP notes saying to delete old data from the table but in our case the retention has to be 2 months. Even though we haven't completed 2 months, our database size is growing rapidly.

Also the schema(_SYS_AUDIT) is not visible under Catalog even with SYSTEM user. Is there a way to see the schema under catalog?

Also we would like to know if any standard archiving techniques in SAP HANA . preferably moving data from table level to filesystem level?

Thanks and Regards

Sampath R.